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At Pizazz Coordinating, Our services include running the rehearsal and making sure everyone knows what to do, and where they should be, at all times. Our coordinating staff will show each attendant how to come in, take their assigned place, and how to face during the ceremony.  We'll then, go over the wedding ceremony with the bride and groom, and show everyone how to leave, after the ceremony is complete.


Our professional staff will return the day of the wedding, (approx two hours before the ceremony start time) to make sure all the vendors are checked in, and set up properly. Furthermore, we'll check to make sure our bride, and her wedding party are getting ready for the ceremony.

Our dedicated coordinator will make sure everyone gets down the aisle on time, and that the ceremony goes as planned. We'll then go to the reception to make sure our newlyweds are announced as you come in.  We'll also make sure everyone gets food, and advise you when its time do the first dance, cut the cake, throw the bouquet, and toss the garter... and we'll stay until you leave the reception, or for the remainder of your package.

Everything we do, is dedicated to allowing you to relax, & enjoy this magical moment in your life.



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